Changes at work

What should I do if there is any change in work or at home? Should I inform in case of address change, bank detail change, change in childcare or income?

Changes in job or home can influence the tax credit amount. As such, any changes e.g., expecting a baby, getting a divorce or new job should be informed to the Tax Credit Office. You can call the helpline number 0843 116 0000 to do the same.

Will any penalty be levied on me for not reporting changes right away?

  • Yes. For overpayments, you may have to pay back the money
  • You may have to incur heavy fine for misleading or improper information
  • Also, you may loss out, if this change entitles you to more tax credits

What are the instances which may lead to penalty?

Penalty may be levied if you are:

  • Giving wrong information owing to your carelessness or if you deliberately give wrong info
  • Not reporting changes
  • Not providing information that was asked for

Will I be penalised for giving wrong information?

Yes. Providing wrong information can make you pay penalties up to £3,000, if you’ve been paid more tax credits than required. And, if you realise that you have made any mistake while providing information, contact the tax credit office immediately.

How do I pay the penalty?

You can make full payment or can pay in instalments, as stated by the government. If the tax credit officer agrees to your conditions, a letter needs to be signed by you, which puts forth the amount to be paid as well as the final date within which you need to make the payment. A final letter will be sent to you for acceptance of the contract. Refusal to pay may lead to legal action against you.