Council Tax

People with disabilities

Claim for a reduction in charge

In certain circumstances, the Council Tax you have to pay will be reduced if any member of the household is severely and permanently disabled.

To qualify for the reduction the property must have at least one of the following features;

  • Sufficient floor space indoors to allow the use of a wheelchair which is needed for the disabled person

If you qualify for a disability reduction the bill will be reduced to that of a band immediately below the band shown in the valuation list.

To apply you must be the person liable to pay the Council Tax on the dwelling.

This applies to:

  • Resident owners
  • Tenants
  • Joint owner/tenant, or the spouse/partner of such a person
  • Owners of residential care homes, nursing homes
  • Certain long stay wards in hospitals
  • Certain hostels and owners of dwellings which contain a number of people who pay rent for different parts of the dwelling.

Every applicant must supply a note from a doctor, or other qualified professional such as an occupational therapist confirming that the disabled person needs extra space or room as stated in the application form.