Concessionary Travel

  • Concessionary Travel
    Free, off peak, local bus travel throughout England for Residents of Dover District who are aged 60 or over or who have certain types of disability.

Housing & Council Tax Benefit

  • Local Housing Allowance
    Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is a new way of working out and paying Housing Benefit for people who rent from a private landlord .
    Help with Claiming Housing & Council Tax Benefit.
  • Claiming & Evidence
    The procedure for claiming Housing & Council Tax Benefit
  • Appeals
    Information about appealing against decisions relating to your Housing & Council Tax Benefit
  • Private Tenants
    A private tenant is anyone who has to pay rent to a private landlord (not the Local Council).
  • Home Visit Service
    In the Dover District Authority area, The Pension Service and Dover District Council are working together to make sure our customers have easy access to all the benefits and services to which they are entitled.
  • Listening to our customers

Customer satisfaction surveys to give you the chance to voice your opinion and help us by recommending ways we could improve.

  • Moving Home

When you are in receipt of Housing and/or Council Tax Benefit and you move house, you have certain responsibilities in respect of that benefit.

  • Temporary Absence
    This page explains the circumstances in which people can continue to claim whilst being away from the property.
  • Discretionary Payments
    Discretionary housing payments are not awards of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit but they can only be awarded if the claimant receives either or both of these benefits.
  • Fraud
    We are committed to promoting an anti fraud culture and have a confidential Fraud reporting service